Friday, July 22nd, 2016

1. The smell of fried sea food.
2. Your bare legs sticking to the tavern’s wickerwork chairs as your bathing suit is still wet.
3. Flushed cheeks and sun kissed shoulders.
4. Unreasonably low temperatures in slow boats that take far too long to take you to the islands.
5. Cocktails tasting of mastiha.
6. The dread of entering a car that’s been in the sun for too long.
7. Fresh peaches, grapes and figs that make your face all sticky.
8. The pain on your feet as you step on small, sharp rocks in the sea.
9. Sand everywhere. On your hair, your clothes, your bags, your bed.
10. Suddenly realizing why everyone’s so obsessed with the sunset.

11. Rude taxi drivers with vile taste in music.
12. Thinking you will go insane from the heat and then it gets hotter the next day.
13. Countless debates about whether it’s better to dive your head in the water or swim with a hat on.
14. A book hitting your head because you’re too sleepy to hold it up any longer.
15. The smell of aloe.
16. Loud children and louder parents.
17. The short-lived relief of an icy water bottle on your neck.
18. Scratching your mosquito bites until they bleed.
19. Damping your shoulders with sea water to make diving slightly less cold.
20. Picking the biggest rocks from the shore and placing them on your towel so the wind doesn’t take it away.

21. Fighting about who’s going to get in the shower first.
22. Blue and white houses on dry lands.
23. Collecting sea shells and then promising to turn them into necklaces.
24. The sound of your wet, plastic sandals as you walk.
25. Leafhoppers not letting you enjoy your afternoon nap.
26. A mom telling her kids they have to wait at least two hours to swim after lunch.
27. Walks by the harbor eating souvlaki, leaning forward so the tzatziki doesn’t stain your clothes.
28. People wishing a “Happy Winter” and other people shouting “IT’S STILL AUGUST.”
29. High prices that don’t match the quality of the product.
30. Small, colorful streets that make you think you’re somewhere else for a moment.

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