Sunday, September 18th, 2016

1. The sound of rain from your window, while you’re curled up in your bed with a book.

2. TV shows returning. All the TV shows. Are back. *wipes tear*

3. A mug of hot tea with honey next to some ginger cookies.

4. Pumpkin flavored everything.

5. Significantly less sweating. You’ll be able to walk from one place to another with little to no sweat involved.

6. No bugs.

7. I cannot stress enough how important the No Bugs thing really is.

8. Bootie boots. They are elegant, they are stylish and they have thick heels which makes them an actually comfortable footwear choice. (sidenote: google ‘bootie boots’ not ‘booties’. Trust.)

9. New TV shows to fall in love with before the network cancels them.

10. Wearing leggings as pants and feeling so comfortable you want to take a nap everywhere for the entire day.

11. Cuddling. With your significant other or your slightly annoyed mother who’s probably thinking you’re too old for cuddling. Pets are also an option.

12. Halloween.

13. Halloween candy.

14. Baking. The smell of fresh dough, the way your house feels warmer and lovelier when there’s something delicious being made in the oven.

15. Time is a made up concept we created to feel more in control but Autumns always feel like a new start.

16. Buying office/school supplies you probably don’t need but are going to buy anyway. That pen is shiny enough to get your life together for you.

17. Bomber jackets. Nothing will make you feel more like #streetstylegoals than rocking one of those bad boys outside.

18. Just the whole concept of not being hot all the time. Magnificent, truly.


20. Oversized sweaters with extra long sleeves you can tuck your hands in to feel petite and elegant.

21. Movie nights with blankets on top of you. Nothing can go wrong as long you’re under a blanket.

22. Something fake deep and poetic about the bright colors of nature before it dies for like, the three of you who don’t live in soulless big cities with pollution and fake grass.

23. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is coming out in November and after The Cursed Child fiasco, it’ll be amazing to be excited about something Harry Potter again.

24. Wearing darker shades of makeup unapologetically.

25. Did I mention, no bugs? Not a single one. They’re all dying somewhere!!!

26. Mulled wine. The coziest, fastest, sweetest way to get drunk off your ass.

27. That sound the leaves make when you step on them. (Sidenote: if you have sight problems like me, make sure it’s a leaf you step on and not dog poo.)

28. Less humidity. It’s good for you AND your hair.

29. Time change aka an extra hour of sleep.

30. Girls, let’s be honest. Not having to shave regularly will be a freaking godsend.

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