about me!



Hello there! This is an About Me page that’s about to attempt to be cute slash quirky, and probably succeed at neither. In case you’re wondering who’s the basket case behind (most) of the written works on this website, my name is Christie Perry and I am the proud owner of Crispy Texts. I am twenty five years old, which is too much of an adult for my liking, I was born and raised in Greece, but I’ve mostly been living in a happy bubble called Cinema for most of my life. I’m passionate about a gazillion different things but my true love is, and always will be, storytelling.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Film from the University of Greenwich and a post graduate script- writing diploma from London Film Academy. I have also worked in various Greek publications, television shows and written a few sketches for children’s’ theatre in my country. To be completely honest, these all sound like A Lot, written down like that; what I mostly remember is panic, tears, no sleep and a lot of microwaved food.
Crispy Texts is something I have been meaning to start for a quite long time and I’m genuinely happy for you to finally be able to see it. My intention for this website is to fill it with fun, relatable, up-to-date context what will hopefully make you want stick around for updates. I’m beyond excited for this journey to begin and I hope it will be a long one!

Contact me: christieperry05@hotmail.com