Thursday, August 4th, 2016

My fellow procrastinating friends who are trying to be healthy and fit, hello! It is I, the Laziest Human™.

I’m currently on vacation to the magical island of Syros (this is why there’s been a decrease in posts for which I apologize, but a girl’s gotta tan) and struggling to enjoy my time off while maintaining a balanced diet. Key word here is ‘struggling’. There are so many temptations around, especially for a person who could literally inject ice cream in her veins and die happily. You try walking past the best ice cream shop in town, smelling the hot waffles and seeing flavors like ‘fig’ and ‘strawberry marmelade’ and remain unphased!

I have put together a list of easy to make, low carb alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth during those trying times, which will hopefully help you like it has helped me. But remember! Summer is supposed to be a time where your body and mind are at peace so don’t deprive yourself of simple pleasures. Eat the damn fig ice cream and enjoy a fruity cocktail afterwards, no one will judge you!
Let’s dig in.


Story time: I was seventeen and in the middle of my final exams, when I suddenly caught a horrible cold and very high fever.

Greek yogurt mixed with pieces of peach was the only thing I wanted to eat, while trying to study geometry and hallucinating triangles doing the cha cha. It’s an extremely tasty and cool treat with minimum calories, especially if the yogurt is low fat.
Alternatively you can mix it with honey and basil, stick it in an ice cream maker for 30 minutes and have delicious, homemade peach frozen yogurt.


This treat is only 80 calories per bowl and it is yummy and very, very light! It will leave a sweet taste in your mouth, long enough to resist those waffles plus it’s ridiculously easy to make. You can find the recipe here.


Let’s face it, a little chocolate always needs to be present.

Buy tasty dried fruit (it could also be fresh but your snacks will not last very long), melt some semi dark chocolate in a bowl, dip your choice of fruit in it and then, if you’re feeling a bit naughty, sprinkle some cookie crumbs on top.

Refrigerate for about 30 minutes and enjoy.


There are countless of “innocent” popsicle recipes online but even if you don’t feel particularly productive, you can easily find alternatives at any mini-market or grocery store. They’re usually up to 60 calories and they’re delicious and sugary, more than enough for any craving.


Reasons like this are why I’m still being called immature and childish in this household, but I’m the one relishing in deliciousness so they lose and I win. HA! WHO’S CHILDISH NOW?

This is quite honestly the easiest thing you can possibly make if you’re feeling like something sweet. All you need is low fat cream cheese, digestive cookies and marmalade in the fridge.

Cut the cookies to pieces, spread cream cheese and marmalade on top (as thick a layer as you please) and enjoy being a five year old with me.


If Jell-O was a person, it’d probably be called a ‘basic b*tch’.

You know what though? I’m here to defend it!

Homemade Jell-O is ready in less than ten minutes, it’s tasty and fun, hits you with some nice summer nostalgia feels from when you were little and it has very few calories. You can make it more interesting by adding fruit in the mix or even yogurt.

Respect Jell-O.

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